P4 Titan 533 series :GA-8IEXP FSB 533 Ready!! Giant Leap Over the Next High Speed Generation

GIGABYTE, the world leading manufacturer in Motherboard, Graphics Card, Bare-bones,System, Peripherals ,Server and Communication products proudly announces the latestIntel® 845E chipset based platform. GA-8IEXP is designed to meet the demands ofpresent and future application needs. It offers a variety of new and unique features thatmaximizes performance and stability. GA-8IEXP is ideal for the home and office userswho need a flexible motherboard for both work and entertainment among the P4 Titan533 series.

FSB 533 Ready! Maximizes Pentium® 4 processor performance:Supporting Intel®latest 0.13 micron-process technology, a new breakthrough in system bus reaching533MHz, GA-8IEXP designed, validated, and optimized for the Pentium® 4 processor. Itextends the Pentium® 4 processor capabilities to ensure high volume mainstream PCsare capable of supporting advanced, ever evolving, and end-user desktop PC usagemodels, providing high-bandwidth connection between the Pentium® 4 processor and theplatform.

Intel latest ICH4 architecture with emhedded USB2.0:Based on Intel®®
Pure DDR Solution:GA-8IEXP provides superior system bus bandwidth up to 4.2GB/s, available with 3 DIMM slots support up to2GB DDR266/200, delivering you the highest performance and stability with the double-bandwidth (2.1GB/s), high-volume andupcoming-mainstream DDR memory solution.

Promise RAID+ATA133 IDE controller IEEE 1394, MS, SD and SCR ready:With Promise 20276 chip, GA-8IEXP provides notonly RAID 0(Striping) or RAID 1(Mirroring) function, through GIGABYTE outstanding smart-bios technology, GA-8IEXP providesadditional two IDE ATA-133/100 connectors, with original two by ICH4, supporting totally up to eight ATA –100 IDE devices. With 3IEEE1394 ports enhanced PC connectivity for consumer electronics audio/video (A/V) appliances, storage peripherals, other PCs,and portable devices. In addition to the usual boot devices (floppy, all kinds of IDE drives, network), also supports boot up from USBdevices such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, ZIP drive. Interrupts can be assigned freely to each PCI device to meet individual needs.Another fantastic convenience are Memory Stick, Secure Digital and Smart Card Reader function support, by optional reader,GA-8IEXP takes all advantage from their superior reliability, flexibility for future upgrade and data protection capability whileprocessing high speed data transfer.

Patented Dual BIOS technology, Easy Tune 4 , Q-Flash (Dual BIOS Utility), @BIOS™ and Face Wizard:GA-8IEXPprovides several unique features such as patented Dual BIOS, providing a backup BIOS, that greatly reduces the risk of BIOSfailure due to virus infection or catastrophic failure assuring its stability as a workstation server. EasyTune 4, an exclusiveWindows based overclocking utility developed by GIGABYTE, that totally changes the traditional way for "overclocking" . It provides2 modes, "Easy Mode" for the novice users and "Advance Mode" to fulfill the power-users. With detailed instructions in BIOS setupmain menu, Q-Flash utility allows you to flash BIOS easily under BIOS mode, without the need to flash BIOS under Windows andDOS modes. @BIOS will automatically detects the most up-to-date BIOS version from GIGABYTE network via internet, updatingthe BIOS under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, no more complicated update method at DOS mode. With the GIGABYTE® FaceWizard utility, GA-8IEXP allows you to create and edit stylish boot up screen.

Creative Sound Blaster H/W 3D audio plus 5.1-channel AC3 S/PDIF digital and Intel network connection with PXE (Prexecution Environment) support:On board Creative CT5880 allows users to enjoy real-life surround sound from SP/DIF outputduring watching DVD movies or playing video games. On board Intel Kinnereth LAN ensures a high-speed, stable and cost-effectivesolution for new broadband era.

Full-direction expansibility- CNR. 6xPCI. and EZ-Fix AGP4X slot :Six PCI slots allow further expansion of the boardscapabilities by PCI 2.2 compliant slots. As well, AGP4X interface (1.5V only) guarantees high-bandwidth interface for high-quality 2D,3D, and video streams. Together with exclusively GIGABYTE EZ-Fix AGP slot offers more users friendly for preventing AGP cardfrom discarding. CNR (Communication Network Riser) an expansion slot for overall system cost savings and flexibility.

Plating-gold ATX power connector, Multi-language BIOS, Excellent installation layout design and full package in overclocking from BIOS, Quick Installation Guide:Plated-gold pins ATX power connector coupling with a 3-phase bridge circuitsecures the power supply stability to the fine art, ensuring the GIGABYTE® genius layout cooler and more efficient than others.Multi-language BIOS provides non-English readers a easier way to understand settings in BIOS setup mode, currently providesEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) and Russian. Excellent installation layoutdesign for GA-8IEXP achieves the greatest working efficiency and margin, naturally resulting in more stability while performingoverclock. Additionally, GA-8IEXP incorporated full package (including FSB, DDR clock and CPU, AGP, DDR voltage) setting fromBIOS, no more inconvenient switch adjusting needed. A wide range of possible FSB speeds (100 to 200 MHz in 1 MHz increments),and you can increase the CPU core voltage and the AGP voltage in small increments, offering a great variety of overclockingfeatures. A detailed graphic installation guide enables users to setup their PC without any difficulties.

Enclosed IAA Driver (Intel® Application Accelerator) and Window XP Ready:IAA accelerates not only Operating System loading time but also Disk I/O for Games, Graphics Applications, Disk Utilities, andMedia Authoring Applications, enhancing Intel® Pentium® 4 processor-based systems.