Witness the Sophisticated Craftsmanship. Game Like a Pro with GIGABYTE and G2 Esports.

The Exclusive Interview with the Head of IT Operations of G2 Esports and the AORUS Laptop Design Director


 (Figure 1、GIGABYTE AORUS launched the Pro-gaming laptop series.)


Early this year, AORUS, the gaming brand powered by GIGABYTE, launched its AORUS 17X flagship laptop which included all types of gaming features that all gamers dreamt about. The high-end model of AORUS 17X can be purchased on the market with the price up to $3699 USD. After launched, AORUS 17X made a sensation on the market. Furthermore, it also made its way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, outperforming in both user feedback and sales performance and attracting lots of customers and gamers. Yet, there were always some “professional gamers” who required laptops with even higher quality. If you wish to be a professional gamer, or you are already one, then you should meet AORUS 15G launched in this year. Today, we have invited a special guest, Jacobo Ramos, the Head of IT Operations of G2 Esports, to have an interview with the Mobile Product Design Director of GIGABYTE. They will share the story of how to develop the gaming laptop that is born to serve the professional gamers, and why all the G2 Esports players are fond of it so much. Let’s unveil the birth of the beloved AORUS 15G.


(In the following interview, the Mobile Product Design Director of GIGABYTE is abbreviated to Ho, and the Head of IT Operations of G2 Esports is abbreviated to G.)


Q: First, I would like to ask what is the inspiration of designing AORUS 15G?


Ho:We were inspired by the streamline shape of the supercar to design AORUS 15G. The outline of AORUS 15G is getting simpler, yet the function it provides becomes more complicated and multitasked. The details in each curve and the proportion balance of each part are improving continuously. It’s not a careless design. We crafted AORUS 15G with the true craftsman spirit and wished it could lead the “ultra-thin and lightweight” trend. AORUS 15G gathered all outstanding characteristics such as elegant and sexy. All users have witnessed the birth of the most classic pro-gaming laptop.


(Figure 2、Hand Drawing of AORUS 15G by the Product Design Director of GIGABYTE)


Q:I would also like to ask G2 Esports players. How does it feel or what is the most satisfying feature while using AORUS 15G as their daily training laptops?


G:Our players attend to events and travel for more than 60% of their time. Having a laptop that can be as powerful as a PC to do training on the go is of utmost importance for us, but it should never become a burden on their bags. AORUS 15G has gotten into the sweet spot of performance meets convenience and our players feel really comfortable with the product. It combines fine craftsmanship, 240Hz screen refresh rate, and mechanical switches comparable to a normal keyboard. Combined with the latest Intel and NVIDIA chips it was everything we could ask for and the missing piece of equipment we were waiting for.



(Figure 3、AORUS 15G–CS:GO World’s top E-sports Team G2 Esports Certified)


Q:All customers are curious about how to design a laptop from scratch. Can you tell us your design experience? 


Ho:To me, an idea is not just coming out from the sensibility. I didn’t follow the way to first conceive an idea and then find the suitable material. I integrated my understandings from the aspect of technique, material and technology. Then, I broke the boundaries. All the ideas will go through the CMF design testing at the early stage, and one of it will lead to the final product. The overall design of AORUS 15G prototype took about 1.5 year to complete. During this time, we had to discuss with OMRON to solve the manufacturing problem of mechanical keyboard switches. Also, we needed to find the balance point of keeping the laptop thin and lightweight, as well as the heat dissipation issues. These are all the steps we must go through while designing this laptop. Voila-the perfect and flawless AORUS 15G!


Q:We all know that e-sports competitions are using PC as standard competition equipment. Why does G2 Esports collaborate with AORUS laptop?


G: In AORUS we have found over the years an excellent partner that listens to our needs and are interested in meeting the requirements of our professional players. When we got approached about the new laptop they were developing, we knew we could bring all the experience we have within Esports and get a top tier product that met the requirements of professional players and most demanding users.


Q:As a product designer, you must be familiar with the appearance design of the gaming laptop on the market. Is there any specific trend according to your observation? 


Ho:The future trend would be personalized, thin, and lightweight. Our AORUS 15G broke the rules that mechanical keyboard laptop is always thick and heavy. We put the 2.5 mm long mechanical keyboard switch into a laptop that is less than 2.5 cm in thickness. I believed that AORUS 15G would be the necessary product competitor for other brands.


(Figure 4、Jacobo Ramos, the Head of IT Operations of G2 Esports, and the Product Design Director of AORUS, are discussing the needs of professional players)



Q:I would like to ask all G2 Esports players. What is the most important feature for choosing a laptop after using AORUS 15G? 


G:Having 240Hz screen refresh rate and mechanical switches are a must. Having the latest NVIDIA and chips to benefit from high frame rates is another very important thing for us. Having enough battery to use the laptop in a plane to review matches and information about opponent is very welcomed.


Q:Do you have any hobby like reading, to keep you inspired? 


Ho:I like traveling. I am really lucky that I can travel around the world during my business trips. Besides, I believe that “a competent designer thinks and observes”. Keep thinking and being skeptical to things should not be limited to the designer only. Usually, I think from the reading and design observation of the book. This will lead to changes, and this is the motivation for me to design. I am designing at all times. As I enter a room, and I see a chair, the floor, or a lamp, I can’t stop thinking how to make them better. In this way, I keep designing in my daily life, instead of only in the case jobs. This leaves me a great amount of “case studies”. In addition, I have a sketchbook to record my thoughts of what I would like to change in this world. I do it every night at home.


Q:Lots of fans envied that professional players can play games all day long. On average, how long is the training hour of G2 Esports players? 


G:Between 6 and 8 hours a day, up to 11 during some days. Basically, the training hour is the same as those office workers. It’s not as easy as the netizens imagine. Sometimes they need to work overtime. We also cooperate with physiotherapists to improve our player’s health and prevent any injuries.



(Figure 5、Kenny S : The AORUS 15G is the best travel companion I could wish for, playing on the move is now easier than ever. )


Q: It is well known that the “Red Dot Design Award” is one of the three major design awards in the world. As the product designer, how do you feel when AORUS 15G received the 2020 Red Dot Design Award?


Ho:Very happy! This year is the first time that all 4 participated laptops received the  Red Dot Design Award. It’s a huge milestone for GIGABYTE laptops and it’s an honor to be recognized both by the market and the Red Dot Design Award. We will keep pushing the limit of our creativity. However, I believe that the competency of a designer is to foresee the dream of human being, and to realize it through keen observation and design technology. When my own design and the world-class design being released to the market at the same time, being accepted by the market and the customers, being seen, and being used are the true stage for the designer. To me, winning the Red Dot Design Award is just a beginning, yet it means a lot. In the past, Taiwanese brands didn’t have enough brand awareness, and we still required many other ways to help us to be seen by the world.


(Figure 6、GIGABYTE received the 2020 Red Dot Design Award for AERO and AORUS series and role as a market leader in the laptop industry.)


Q:This year, AORUS focused on “Game Like a PRO” as their new product positioning. AORUS applied the mechanical keyboard as the core to redefine the professional gaming laptops market and provide gamers with extreme gaming experience. Are you glad to see the outcome? 


G:Of course! The biggest benefit of mechanical keyboards are actuation points, actuation force and the low response times. Mechanical keyboards play a huge role in the professional environment due the improved response times, tactile feedback and reliability. Durability also plays an important role, as mechanical keyboards performance hardly reduces over time. Moreover, the mechanical keyboard is endurable and reliable to sustain the hard battles of players for more than 8 hours every day. If you have more budget, 240Hz screens and mechanical keyboards give you and extra edge.