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The GV-NX96T512HP is not your average run of the mill 9600 GT, oh no.. this card has been modified with a multitude of proprietary technologies from GIGABYTE which makes it really stand out amongst the packK..
implemented is GIGABYTE's own "Gamer HUD" technology, which by means of a dedicated software utility can allow for multi-level GPU voltage control manipulation on the fly for better overclockability KK
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If you must have the latest completely silent VGA then GIGABYTE is a pretty reasonable choice.
At first glance, the GV-NX96T512HP is shorter in length than other reference cards and uses a turquoise blue PCB. The top of the GPU is covered by a big finned heatsink connected via copper pipes to a passive cooling vent on one of the back panels. This smaller but thicker design results in a dual slot graphic card with no cooling system and no noise whatsoever.

After comparing the Gigabyte GV-NX96T512HP with other Geforce 9600GT cards, I have to say ... it's probably one of my favourites.
The overall performance is very good and I think the price is just right.
I particularly like the in-house designed heatpipe cooler,
which offers total silence and works great in cooling the card.

- Custom in-house designed VGA cooler
- Totally silent with no fans
- Overclocked GPU and memory
- Good performance

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Overclock ability:
Firstly, the overclocked frequencies are one of the higher ones that we have seen and its performance reflect that.

GIGABYTE Features:
Multi-core: Then the presence of the passive cooler makes this a completely silent graphics card
Gigabyte's attempt to custom the GeForce 9600 GT is a huge improvement over the reference board they pushed out at launch day. While that was a standard GeForce 9600 GT with a less than competitive price tag, this new Turbo Force version has quite a few tricks that set it apart from the competition.

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