Safe is the key feature of GIGABYTE S-series motherboards with the following elements: Excellent hardware design, reinforced BIOS protection through GIGABYTE Dual BIOS Plus Technology and GIGABYTE BIOS Setting Recovery Technology. Unique system software such as Xpress Recovery 2, PC Health Monitor, HDD S.M.A.R.T., and C.O.M. further strengthen the stability and reliability of your PC!
  DualBIOSTM Plus
BIOS crash free protection with DualBIOSTMand Xpress BIOS Rescue
( GA-965P-DQ6 and GA-965P-DS4 only )
Virtual DualBIOS
BIOS crash free protection with physical BIOS and Xpress BIOS Rescue
BIOS Setting Recovery
Recoverable safe and frequently used CMOS settings
Hard drive 'Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology' support
C.O.M. ( Corporate Online Manager )
System administration utility for local area network
Xpress Recovery2
Quick system image backup and restore
PC Health Monitor
System health monitor via BIOS and EasyTune utility