People Counting ToF Solution

An Advanced Sensing Solution for Analysis of Customer Behavior in The Retail Industry

People Counting Solution - Entrance Management

Track and manage incoming visitor traffic in a given area by using sophisticated algorithms with our 3D TOF People Counting Solution. It is designed to provide benefits such as occupancy monitoring, event campaign analysis and hotspot discovery, to help with marketing strategy and retail management.

Why People Counting Solution

  • Compatibility
    Prompt Deployment

    Fast and easy installation for customers to plug and play.

  • privacy
    Privacy Protection

    Anonymous, video-free 3D people counting solution ensures that privacy is protected.

  • 24hr
    Real-Time Data

    Provides access to visitor traffic data for browsing in real time.

  • profile
    High Accuracy Analysis

    Detect the number of people entering and leaving a given area with a 99% accuracy rate.

  • High_growth
    Heat Map Management

    Gain insight into customer movement & make product placement adjustments to boost sales revenue.

  • save_money
    Reduction of OPEX

    Standalone solution monitors the number of people in the given area to enhance energy conservation.

3D TOF People Counting Solution

  • Smart Buildings

    Detecting people's movement within a building, analyzing the access times of different rooms to optimize HVAC heating and cooling and improve energy efficiency.

  • Facility Management

    Placed in toilets / restrooms to monitor the conditions of the these facilities, notifying when cleaning staff are needed to maintain a high level of sanitation while minimizing costs.

  • Public Venues

    It can be placed in public areas such as train stations or parks to detect footfall data, providing a better understanding of how people use these areas in order to create a better environment or improve shared infrastructure for the public.

You May Be Curious

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What's the camera viewing angle of 3D TOF Sensing People Counting Solution?
The camera viewing angle is 90° degree for operation distance.
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What's the requirement of image coverage environment to use 3D TOF Sensing Solution?
The installation height of 2.7M~2.9M is the best range to install the device to cover viewing 12.1M ~14.9M square meter.

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Do you have other TOF camera solutions for reference?
Yes, we have 320 x 240 high pixels available for more options on people counting solution.
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How can I read the collected data? Do you provide software dashboard as well?
The data can be saved in TOF sensor and also been live board casting through dashboard.
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How to work recorded data to connect with back-end server platform for file management?
For edging site, the data can be saved by TOF sensor right away then can allow to generate dashboard reports to save into servers by FTP upload.
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