Smart Security

Providing Reliable Security with Better Performance, More Accuracy and Less System Resources

New Security Technology Provides Enhanced Access Control & Management

3D sensing technology delivers key features to enhance smart security applications, such as 3D facial recognition, anti-trailing and anti-spoof abilities, and raises recognition accuracy to over 99%. It provides reliable access control management as well as reducing computing resources needed to lower expenses.
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    Pioneering 3D Sensing Technology

    Depth sensing technology for a more reliable access control security system than traditional IP cameras.

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    Privacy Protection

    Only object outlines are detected by a 3D TOF sensor, ensuring there is no invasion of privacy.

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    High Accuracy Recognition

    AI algorithm software increases recognition accuracy results to 99%.

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    Real-Time Data Delivery

    Delivers real-time information allowing users to make data-driven decisions.

    Cost Efficient

    Optimized performance can run on lower power CPU.

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    Highly Secure

    Secure embedded system helps to prevent hacker or virus attacks.

3D TOF Sensing Facial Recognition Makes Smart Security Smarter

  • Factory /Warehouse /Manufacturing Sites

    A cost-effective add-on to your current security system for access control management, reducing the human resources required for security at factories or warehouses where large numbers of employees are walking around.

  • Corporate Building

    TOF Sensor can detect facial recognition of employees even with masks or heavy make-up for access control systems, increasing the recognition rate to over 99%.

  • Public Areas

    The TOF sensor only uses object recognition for detection, adhering to privacy regulations such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) at bus or train stations, and in hotels and conference halls etc.

You May Be Curious

How to use 3D TOF sensing solution to improve current security situation?
GIGABYTE TOF sensor is an most effective way for smart security solution, whatever from man power saving and easy to deploy for installation. In addition, there is no privacy issue since it just recognizes with object and skeleton only. Less system computing resources to process as few memory capacities consumption as TOF's product property.
What are the applications of 3D TOF product in business?
3D TOF device would be perfect for various applications from AIOT, AI Robot , Industry 4.0, Automation, Automotive, Smart Retail, Smart Security to Medical care.
Where to buy GIGABYTE 3D TOF Sensing product?
Please visit our official website and pick the TOF products to meet your request and send your inquiry to email address at Our customer service department will contact you right away. 
What OS can 3D TOF sensing camera work with?
We offer dual OS platform Windows and Linux and let customer have option to do own development.
Can 3D TOF sensing camera be customized?
Yes, for our 3D TOF sensing camera is project-based and we do have customization no matter from OEM/ODM or OBM business models.
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