ToF (Time of Flight)

  • What is it?
    Capturing 3D images provides the perception of depth. ToF (time of flight) is one of the 3D technologies that can measure the distance between a sensor and an object, based on the time difference between the emission of a signal and its return to the sensor. It can also acquire Z-direction information, enabling 3D sensing to potentially greatly enhance the accuracy rate. It is a promising technology for applications utilizing relative distance information in real time.

  • Why do you need it?
    The utilization of 3D ToF technology meets growing needs for recognition, measurement, automation and other applications, such as those found in AI-supported robotics, AIoT, and in verticals such as manufacturing, automotive, smart retail, automation, smart security, and healthcare.

  • How is GIGABYTE helpful?
    GIGABYTE foresees the 3D depth sensing market will have unlimited potential application opportunities in the future. Therefore, GIGABYTE devotes considerable efforts to the development this new cutting-edge 3D depth sensing product solution that provides the best performance to meet the clients’ project requirements. Developed by GIGABYTE, the 3D ToF sensing product solution provides a unique and patented automatic calibration system, which helps customers to capture 3D depth information to be more accurate, as well as meet their precise project requirements. It can support Windows 7, 10 / Linux Ubuntu OS and x86, x64, ARM64 and the latest NVidia Jetson Platform that will help the client to capture the best performance of 3D image processing with flexibility and efficiency.

    GIGABYTE ToF 3D sensing solution can assist with the clients’ projects for more proficiency and budget-saving, as well as a competitive advantage that will help them develop their business successfully.

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