Parallel Computing | 平行運算

  • 平行運算是什麼?
    平行運算(Parallel Computing )是指同時使用多種計算資源解決計算問題,在過程中讓許多指令同時進行的一種運算模式,基礎概念是將須計算的內容分割成離散部分,再運用多執行續的方式同時解決。

  • 為何需要?
    傳統的序列計算模式是指在單個計算機(具有單中央處理器)上執行軟體運算。CPU 照順序使用一系列指令解決問題,但其中同一時間只有一種指令可以執行運作。平行運算是在序列計算的基礎上演變而來,目的是模擬自然世界中的狀態:事件會同時發生並可以同時並行處理,依照此原理才可更加速複雜指令的處理速度,減少運算的時間。

  • 技嘉的特色
    技嘉的G系列伺服器有多種GPU運算加速卡擴充插槽的選項,運用GPU多核心的優勢更可以讓平行運算的效益呈倍數成長。G291-2G0能在2U機箱中容納多達16張NVIDIA T4加速卡。適用於人工智慧學習中推論的工作負載,例如:語音辨識、圖像與視頻處理、線上購物或影片串流的推薦系統等…應用。NVIDIA Tesla T4專門用來加速橫向擴充伺服器,減少10倍推論延遲,並提供比CPU高出40倍的驚人能源效率。

    What is a Server? A Tech Guide by GIGABYTE
    In the modern age, we enjoy an incredible amount of computing power—not because of any device that we own, but because of the servers we are connected to. They handle all our myriad requests, whether it is to send an email, play a game, or find a restaurant. They are the inventions that make our intrinsically connected age of digital information possible. But what, exactly, is a server? GIGABYTE Technology, an industry leader in high-performance servers, presents our latest Tech Guide. We delve into what a server is, how it works, and what exciting new breakthroughs GIGABYTE has made in the field of server solutions.
    Spain’s IFISC Tackles COVID-19, Climate Change with GIGABYTE Servers
    By using GIGABYTE, Spain’s Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems is pitting the world’s foremost server solutions against some of the world’s most pressing issues, including the effects of climate change, the effects of pollution, and the COVID-19 pandemic. GIGABYTE servers are up to the diverse and daunting tasks, because they are designed for high performance computing, intensive numerical simulations, AI development, and big data management.
    The University of Barcelona Gets a Computing Boost with GIGABYTE Servers
    The Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at the University of Barcelona has increased the capacity of their on-campus data center by over 40% with a new cluster of GIGABYTE servers. Hundreds of researchers will benefit from the computing power of AMD EPYC™ processors. Administrators can easily manage the cluster with GIGABYTE Server Management (GSM), a proprietary multiple server remote management software platform provided for free by GIGABYTE.
    Lowell Observatory Looks for Habitable Exoplanets with GIGABYTE Servers
    Arizona’s Lowell Observatory is studying the Sun with GIGABYTE’s G482-Z50 GPU Server in an effort to filter out “stellar noise” when looking for habitable planets outside of our Solar System. The server’s AMD EPYC™ processors, parallel computing capabilities, excellent scalability, and industry-leading stability are all features that qualify it for this astronomical task, making the discovery of a true “Twin Earth” achievable within our lifetime.
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