Hyper-Converged Infrastructure | 超融合基礎架構

  • 是什麼?
    超融合基礎架構(Hyper-Converged Infrastructure),是一種整合了儲存裝置及虛擬運算的資訊基礎架構框架。運用超融合式基礎架構 (HCI),可將運算、儲存與網路結合成單一系統。這套簡化的解決方案會使用軟體和 x86 伺服器來取代專用硬體,讓您能夠簡化作業、降低總持有成本並迅速擴充。HCI通過管理程序平台執行,例如VMware vSAN,KVM或Microsoft Hyper-V,用於虛擬化運算,軟件定義存儲和虛擬化網路。HCI通常在配備有直連式儲存(DAS)的標準伺服器上運作。

  • 為何需要?

    HCI的虛擬化和整合特性還允許提高可擴充性 - 通過部署其他模組可以輕鬆拓展系統容量。

  • 誰會用到?

  • 技嘉的特色
    GIGABYTE提供多種專為HCI設計的多節點伺服器系統,結合了高密度的運算,儲存和完整的擴充插槽,可用於高速網路卡,GPU運算或其他附加功能。不管是Intel Xeon平台,AMD EPYC平台甚至Marvell ThunderX2(Arm)平台都有特製的型號。非常適合希望透過自己的虛擬機管理程序平台來打造HCI的客戶。

    此外,GIGABYTE還與幾家不同的HCI軟體平台供應商合作,如Bigtera(VirtualStor Converger)或Diaway(Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform),以提供更完整的軟硬體整合解決方案。

    Satisfying Your Need for Speed:  Server Technology Helps to Achieve Aerodynamic Vehicle Design

    A world-renowned automotive manufacturer uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software, analyzing huge amounts of data to optimize the design of their vehicles. They selected GIGABYTE’s high density multi-node servers to build a high-performance computing cluster for their vehicle design center, making the most efficient use of the limited space available to deliver maximum computing power to their aerodynamic engineering team.

    GIGABYTE Servers Become Part of a European Space Agency Data Center

    As environmental protection is becoming a pressing issue in recent years due to climate change and global warming, data centers – which traditionally consume a huge amount of electricity – are being designed to better meet the goals of energy efficiency and carbon reduction. When a national aerospace center in Europe wanted to expand their data center, with a requirement for servers that could maintain normal operation in an ambient temperature environment of 40°C without the need for air conditioning systems, GIGABYTE’s server team provided a solution with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), combining compute, storage and networking into a single system, and equipped with liquid cooling technology to successfully overcome the harsh high temperature environment, enabling the data center to efficiently process an enormous amount of space-related research data within a limited space.

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