HPC | 高效能運算

  • 高效能運算是什麼?
    HPC是高效能運算(High Performance Computing)的簡稱,雖然基本元件組成與個人電腦的概念相似,但是透過軟體平行連結的機制串聯大量高速主機,便可以在更短的時間內完成大量複雜運算的工作,大幅提升應用程式的處理能力。

  • 為何需要?
    現代的HPC運算能力皆可以達到每秒兆級浮點運算次數(PFLOPS),目前世界排名第一的超級電腦甚至可以達到122.3 PFLOPS,一般電腦主機無法處理的大型運算過程例如醫學生物基因比對、AI自駕車學習、太空衛星發射模擬、天氣氣候預測模型等等領域都會需要HPC的協助。

  • 誰會用到?
    技嘉一直是HPC領域設計的佼佼者,透過H系列超融合基礎架構G系列高效能運算伺服器妥善配置的散熱與高密度設計,以達到最佳的運算效能與能源效率,以台灣國家高速網路與計算中心的算圖農場(Render Farm)案例來說,就引進了技嘉的G481-HA0進行高速的平行運算,提供台灣更多藝術創作者高解析高效能的影音算圖需求。另一個運用的範例則是使用H262 AMD EPYC 7002 系列 "Rome" 2U4節點伺服器,每個節點搭載兩顆AMD EPYC CPU,僅用4個節點就可以在2U伺服器中達成512核 / 1024執行緒的高運算力,如果使用完整42U的位置(保留網路交換器的空間下)更可以達到10240核 / 20480執行緒的超高效能,明顯提升客戶的整體運算能力。

    GIGABYTE’s GPU Servers Help Improve Oil & Gas Exploration Efficiency

    GPU-accelerated servers are used in industries such as oil and gas exploration to deliver powerful computing capabilities, helping to quickly and accurately analyze large and complex data sets to reduce exploration costs. GIGABYTE uses industry-leading HPC technologies to provide customers in the oil and gas industry with GPU-accelerated servers that deliver top-tier computing performance.

    Satisfying Your Need for Speed:  Server Technology Helps to Achieve Aerodynamic Vehicle Design

    A world-renowned automotive manufacturer uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software, analyzing huge amounts of data to optimize the design of their vehicles. They selected GIGABYTE’s high density multi-node servers to build a high-performance computing cluster for their vehicle design center, making the most efficient use of the limited space available to deliver maximum computing power to their aerodynamic engineering team.

    As Good as Gold – High Performance Computing Accelerates Oil Extraction

    High Performance Computing (HPC) can complete complex and large-scale computational analysis workloads in a relatively short amount of time, bringing about many breakthroughs in scientific and technological development. HPC is also an indispensable tool for contemporary scientific research, and the number of fields that it can be applied to is constantly growing, such as for weather forecasting, earthquake imaging or genetic analysis. Even oil extraction can now rely on HPC to improve process efficiency and accuracy, allowing mining companies to save a huge amount of money and giving them a greater competitive advantage in the energy market.