Insist on an Ultra Durable™ Motherboard for your new PC
Ultra Durable™ series
  Insist on an Ultra Durable™ Motherboard for Your New PC
  Quality Components Make Quality Motherboards. This has been the fundamental GIGABYTE design philosophy since the very first Ultra Durable™ technology
was launched in 2006. Since then, GIGABYTE has made many significant advancements to the critical power delivery area of the motherboard
by using low temperature, highly efficient, long lifespan components.
This has not only helped GIGABYTE make the highest quality
motherboards possible, but has also helped push the rest of the
industry to adopt many of the same high quality standards that
GIGABYTE has pioneered. Now, with the launch of our Ultra
Durable™ 5 technology, GIGABYTE is again raising the bar
by providing our very best Ultra Durable™ motherboards yet !
          Year 2012
        Year 2011  
      Year 2008    
    Year 2007      
  Year 2006        
  Lower ESR
Solid Capacitor
Ferrite Core
Lower RDS(on)
2x Copper
Inner Layer
New Glass Fabric

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