Reusing of agricultural waste to make packaging 100% natural

With our innovative R&D capability, we successfully applied the RFP (Recycle Fiber of Plant) made from rice husk, a kind of agricultural waste, to the packaging of our AORUS X7 Series in 2017. Later on, in 2018, REP was also applied to AORUS X5 and X9 Series, contributing to reducing emission from raw materials by 64% and increasing the transportation efficiency by 50%. The packaging design with this material was recognized with the IF Design Award and Golden PIN Design Award. Let us strive for low carbon, zero waste, environmental and social friendliness to march toward a new era.

[ RFP Packaging Features ]
  • The material is purely made from agricultural waste (e.g. wheat husks, corn stalks, bagasse, coconut shells and coffee grounds). No plastic material is added. The waste is recycled and thus the consumption of new resources is reduced.
  • The manufacturing process is relatively simple that produces minimum impact on the environment.
  • The material is decomposable and can also be completely recycled. It is taken from the nature and now returns to the nature, achieving a positive sustainable cycle.
Information of Product with RFP (currently RFP has been introduced to AORUS X5、X7、X9 series). Please to refer to GIGABYTE Official website:

Using RFP in products contributes to reducing the environmental impact after disposal. Moreover, RFP helps to reuse waste because it is made of agricultural waste. If you are also interested in RFP and hope to reduce plastics, cut emissions and love the planet together with GIGABYTE, please contact Ms Rebecca Lu by or +886-89124000 ext.3023