How to Own a Screen with Accurate Color

Have you ever suffered from having the same exact image displayed in totally different colors on different monitors, even when the monitors are of the same model? This is because inconsistent color presentation exists on every single display, even for products of the same model. Inaccurate color calibration on a display may cause dreadful consequences for color perfectionists such as designers, video content creators, photographers, industrial designers, illustrators, etc., for they are prone to be misguided by incorrect colors, leading to chromatic aberration in their final products. Therefore, it is extremely important for content creators to obtain an accurate color presentation, but how? 

One of the solutions is to purchase a calibration device, which will help you accurately calibrate the color presented by your display. The following is a quick tutorial on how to use the X-rite i1 series Display Pro on the GIGABYTE gaming laptop AORUS 15P (Intel 11th Gen) for color calibration:
Step 1: Download and launch the i1 Profiler application
Step 2: Connect the X-rite i1 series Display Pro and remove the cap from calibration device
Step 3: In the application, select “Basic”, then “Display Color profiling”
Step 4: Place the X-rite i1 series Display Pro at the center of the display
Step 5: Adjust the counterweight at the back of the screen to stabilize the X-rite i1 series Display Pro
Step 6: Make sure the X-rite i1 series Display Pro is in close contact with the display
Step 7: Click “Next” to start color calibration
Step 8: Complete the calibration, and save the ICC file
At the end of the calibration, the application will present the before and after comparison of the colors. This easy calibration process takes about 10 minutes with a resulting ICC configuration file, which can later be automatically applied to the color profile in the system's display setup for more accurate colors. While color calibration ensures the color precision on a display, people tend to spend most of their budget on computing performance, external devices, image stock, peripherals, etc., instead of investing in calibration device, which may limit the content creators’ ability to deliver the best results.
Design For Content Creators: AERO Series High Performance Content Creation Laptop
GIGABYTE is now presenting the high-performance AERO series laptops specifically designed for content creators. The whole series is equipped with the Intel Core i9 processor of the latest generation, NVIDIA GPU, and the DCI-P3 100% wide color gamut (WCG) OLED panel, delivering the most vivid colors. GIGABYTE  calibrates the color display of each and every AERO series laptop before delivery, which makes them the one and only model of “Double Color Calibration Verified Laptop” on the market, always ensuring a Delta E value less than one. Other than the impeccable image quality, complete color management is another key feature of these Gigabyte laptops, allowing creators to jump-start their projects without any obstacle. 

The AERO series is also known for its extensibility and portability, with a total of 9 I/O ports, including an SD card reader (UHS-II), Thunderbolt 4, and HDMI 2.1 ports. The slim 2.1 cm laptop body is powered by a 99Whr long-lasting battery, weighing only 2.3kg. Owning such a powerful laptop with a high-end OLED display means that content creators can now work anywhere and anytime, capturing every glimpse of inspiration before it fades away.
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